Studio time & Chafer the beetle!

In contrast to May – where I worked off-site a lot and with Boedi – this month I am focusing on the acts of writing, drawing and performativity through both practice based exploration and research here at DRAW.

Angela is also enjoying her quiet studio space here at DRAW and is busy developing a drawing of the unusual red and black Gendarme beetle which is common, and well known, in Caylus and the surrounding area. As well as being visually striking – Angela is interested in the Gendarme’s behaviour which involves them clustering together in groups.

So in June there will be more studio time captured on the WORDS DRAW blog…For starters, here are some images taken over the last few days of Angela and myself at work.

And introducing Angela’s rescue (rescued by John from the DRAW garden) Rose Chafer beetle – Chafer – that flew away today after four days of rest.

I have a feeling that June will see this blog crawling with bugs rather than stones!

Angela's rescued beatle Chaffer - photograph by Angela.

Angela’s rescued beetle Chafer – photographed by Angela.

Me drawing in my studio

The ‘writer’ is finally drawing

Me drawing in my studio

Me drawing in my studio

My sketches and notes

Some of my sketch experiments and notes

Sketch detail

Sketch detail


Skylines – view from my studio window

Angela at work

Angela at work in her studio at DRAW

A Gendarme beetle by Angela Gooliaff

A Gendarme beetle by Angela Gooliaff

Angela's rescued beatle Chaffer

Chafer examining the work – photographed by Angela

Angels in her studio

Angela in her studio

Unless otherwise stated – all photographic and written content on the Words Draw blog is copyright Altair Roelants.

© 2014 Altair Roelants


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