A Drawing Show (Singapore) featuring BOEDI WIDJAJA!

Boedi Widjaja is currently in the group exhibition A Drawing Show (1 August – 14 September) curated by Louis Ho at Yeo Workshop, Gillman Barracks in Singapore. Along with fellow Singaporean artists Ian Woo, Wong Lip Chin and Bangkok-based artist Jaitip Jaidee.

Widjaja’s featured work includes a selection of the prints and drawings he developed from the textures of Caylus during his residency at DRAWInternational in May 2014.

A snapshot of some of the processes informing Widjaja’s current exhibition are captured on this blog.

‘A Drawing Show is an attempt to provide a concise take on the medium in Southeast Asia today, a view of the realities and possibilities of drawing. From pencil-on-paper works, to structural interventions, to conceptual approaches to mark-making, we witness a progressive shift away from the object to the body, from an emphasis on the visual complex to the gestural force that animates it…Widjaja’s rubbings, produced while on residency in a medieval village in France, are explorations of texture and history’ YEO WORKSHOP Website

Please take a look at the Yeo Workshop website for details and if you happen to be in Singapore this month, do visit this great show!


Boedi Widjaja, Wallpaper detail_1 (2014) Part of Installation comprising 9 drawings, glass sheets, brick and video. Image Courtesy of Yeo Workshop.

Boedi Widjaja, Wall Paper _detail 1 (2014). Part of an installation comprising nine drawings, glass sheets, brick and video. Image Courtesy of Yeo Workshop.


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