In May 2014 I established the WORDS DRAW blog to chart the development of my, and fellow Artists in Residence Boedi Widjaja (Singapore) and Angela Gooliaff’s (Canada), time at DRAWInternational (DRAW), France through May – July 2014.

On this blog you can find an archive of photographic material, and commentary, documenting this period and the artistic processes at DRAW.

As we near the end of the year, please now refer to my main site (www.writingthevisual.wordpress.com) where you will find updates about my project, news of the other artists and any collaborative works that have stemmed from this activity at DRAW – such as Angela and my current series ANT v ART.

For details of Boedi and Angela’s current individual practices, please do take a look at their websites:

BOEDI WIDJAJA http://boediwidjaja.com/

ANGELA GOOLIAFF http://angelagooliaff.com/

And if you have any questions regarding the WORDS DRAW project – please do get in touch with me!

Altair Roelants



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