About me

My name is Altair Roelants and I am a freelance arts writer and professional from London who has been Sydney based for the past four years. My independent ART/WRITING projects and research seek to generate alternative and more engaged modes of arts criticism by expanding the written text into a participatory and conceptual practice based framework and through considering art writing and making alongside one another.

In the UK I studied Art History and Contemporary Visual Culture at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Subsequently I have worked in the visual arts for over a decade, collaborating on a broad range of artist, exhibition and text based creative projects.

Most recently in Sydney, I have been writing for a range of national and international arts publications about Australian contemporary visual art and ceramics. Alongside my writing, I coordinated a NSW Government funded Community Capacity Building project which involved developing art and cultural programs to engage and support socially isolated and disadvantaged communities.

I left Sydney in February 2014 spending time with family and friends in New Zealand and London, followed by travel through mainland Greece and the islands, before commencing my residency here at DRAWInternational in May 2014.

For details of my Sydney based projects and to read some of my arts writing, please visit: 



My first French picnic - May 2014

My first French picnic – May 2014





Unless otherwise stated – all photographic and written content on the Words Draw blog is copyright Altair Roelants.

© 2014 Altair Roelants


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