About this project

Through May – July 2014 I am writer/artist in residence at DRAWInternational located in the medieval village of Caylus in the  Tarn-et-Garonne department in the Midi-Pyrénées region in south west France.

DRAWInternational (DRAW) is a dynamic art centre ‘for action, research and experimentation in art and design’ established by John and Grete McNorton. DRAW fosters professional and postgraduate artistic projects that engage with the complexities of drawing on both material and conceptual levels. DRAW aims ‘to promote and facilitate contemporary practice within a theoretical framework’ and through cross-cultural dialogue. For more information about DRAW and their Artist in Residence program, please visit :www.draw-international.com

During my two month residency at DRAW I will be exploring the multifaceted relationship that exists between writing and drawing to develop a body of experimental arts writing that evolves alongside, and in response to, the creative processes at DRAW. The aim is to investigate active approaches to art theory and to expand my writing into a more conceptual practice based framework. This will be done through a variety of individual and collaborative interrelated text and drawing projects with other artist in residence including exhibitions, publications and local events. The work I produce at DRAW will be further developed into publication format and used as a model for upcoming projects in 2014.

This blog – WORDS DRAW – acts to capture the A.I.R Program and the activities at DRAW as they unfold over the next few months, and will also follow up on the artist’s projects after the residency.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


DRAWInternational - Caylus, France

DRAWInternational – Caylus, France

Exploring Caylus

Exploring Caylus

The main street of Caylus

The main street of Caylus

Cafe view into Caylus's central square

Cafe view into Caylus’s central square

Caylus from above

Caylus from above

Unless otherwise stated – all photographic and written content on the Words Draw blog is copyright Altair Roelants.

© 2014 Altair Roelants


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